LocalCryptos welcomes our newest tradable crypto - Dash!

You’ve been waiting for it, and now you have it! Today, users on the world’s most popular non-custodial peer-to-peer crypto marketplace will be able to trade Dash.

Earlier this year LocalCryptos held a vote for the next crypto. The three possibilities were Dash, Litecoin and EOS. In a narrow victory Litecoin took out the vote, and was added to the platform for trading on the 15th of June.

That same month we announced that as the results of the vote were extremely close, it was clear the crypto community had chosen its next peer-to-peer tradable crypto on our non-custodial platform.

How will the non-custodial escrow work on Dash?

As with Litecoin, Dash shares many similarities with Bitcoin, which means we can port our non-custodial BTC escrow script to Dash. The only major change worth highlighting was making it P2SH instead of P2WSH-P2SH, as Dash isn’t a SegWit-enabled crypto..

A little plus for Dash users: both the wallet and the escrow are compatible with ChainLocks and InstantSend technologies; the latter meaning most small escrows can be zero-conf — that is, these escrow transactions will be confirmed in mere seconds.

And of course, your Dash wallet on LocalCryptos will be self-custodial. Your keys—your coins.

Some facts about Dash:

  • Dash was born in 2014 as a Bitcoin fork. It was known as “Xcoin” back then. Later its name was changed to Darkcoin, and since 2015, it is known for its current name, Dash.
  • Dash is a portmanteau of “digital cash”.
  • Its consensus algorithm is a hybrid of proof of stake and proof of work, and its hash function (called “X11”) is different from that of Bitcoin (SHA-256) and Litecoin (scrypt).
  • As its names suggest, Dash is intended to serve as digital cash, so its confirmation time is about 2.5 minutes. However, with their InstantSend technology, these confirmation times are reduced to mere seconds!
  • The average Dash transaction fee is <1¢ — practically free!

3 Days, 0 Fees (3D0F) Festival — and more!

In celebration of our newest addition, all users will be able to trade Dash in LocalCryptos with zero transaction fees for 3 days! That’s right, you will not pay any LocalCryptos fee on any Dash trade from October 1st to 3rd!

But that’s not all! We have more surprises for you, so stay tuned to our social networks and don’t miss anything.

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