LocalEthereum Has A Brand New Look And More

We’re rolling out a major change to the way the website looks and breathes.

The colors are more vibrant, the site is kinder to mobile devices and the layout is smoother and more consistent. We think this relaxed style better captures our vision of a seamless and modern interface to our peer-to-peer ether portal.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the biggest improvements:

Superior offer editing

If you’ve posted an offer before, you’ll immediately notice major developments to the entire offer management section. These controls have been completely recreated from the ground-up.

We’ve also added a much-requested “pause all” button for our high-volume traders. Plus, we’ve snuck in a nifty “price equation” feature to the new UI that you’ll read about below.

Painless navigation

We’ve thrown away the old navigation menu (pictured left) and replaced it with something modern (pictured right).

Why? Because most pages were always at least two clicks away previously. Now you can get to those pages in just one-click, and the key information is there with zero-clicks: e.g. how many offers you have running, and how many trades are currently in progress.

When you go to your “Account” page, everything is now in one place. Much easier.

Also, you can now turn off SMS notifications. We’ve had a few users let us know that our text messages can be unfortunately delayed in particular countries such as Kenya. We’re looking into better ways to send alerts such as push notifications as SMS is outdated and insecure technology.

Price equations

Many of you have asked us for this feature. It’s been in the works for some time, and we think it’s finally ready to deploy.

Before, you could peg your offers to a percentage margin above or below an external market feed. While this was suitable for most traders, we found that many wanted needed more detail. Now everybody has the ultimate flexibility to code their own price equations.

When you create an offer, you’ll now have the choice to switch between two options: the easy way, or the infinitely-flexible advanced way. For simplicity’s sake, we still recommend that newbies try the simpler option to begin with.

Using the price equation editor, you can write simple or complex code that pulls data from many exchanges. For most markets, you can play around with the ticker price, the 24-hour highs and lows and the current bid and ask spreads.

We’ll be posting a quick-start guide on our blog soon with example equations for common scenarios.

Improved localisation

The platform is now much more friendly for those who don’t speak English. We’ve fixed some issues with the formatting of particular currency amounts and we’ve filled huge gaps in the translations.

More to come

While the platform works fine, there is still a lot on our to-do list. We made a pledge in last year to keep on building and to never let the technology stagnate. We’re always thinking of new ways to make trading ether on the blockchain faster, safer, cheaper and easier for everyone.

Give us feedback: Hate the new design? Love it? Let us know how you feel — our door is always open for feedback.