LocalEthereum Is Now In Seven Languages

We’re making LocalEthereum live up to its name by making the interface clean, relevant and easy for everybody in the world. We’ve translated the entire website many times over in order to make life a little bit easier for the 80% of Earth’s population who don’t speak English. Now you can choose from one of seven languages!


Although some portions of the site were already in broken Chinese language, we’ve now converted the entire website to triple-revised simplified Chinese. The Chinese Yuan continues to be the leading currency on LocalEthereum!


The stats currently reveal an ongoing battle between China and Russia for the title of LocalEthereum’s most traded currency. Russia’s ruble overtook CNY for a couple of days last week but it’s since returned to second place.


Spanish has been one of the most requested languages. We’re seeing a huge wave of users popping up out of Venezuela. Remember, Bolívar offers are pegged to the black market USD exchange rate rather than the “official” government-published rate.


It looks like LocalEthereum is making some traction in India! Since last week, we’ve had thousands of new users from India sign up to the platform. We’re welcoming the country with a fresh Hindi translation.


Word of mouth is quickly spreading across the globe: a huge number of Italians have rocked up and a bunch of them have e-mailed us asking for an Italian translation.


Our newest language, added just moments ago!

English (& more to come…)

Don’t see your language on the list? Let us know! — if we get enough requests for translations to your language then we’ll add it to the list.