ETH Price Alerts: Notify Me When The Price Changes

LocalEthereum has teamed up with Fabrx to give traders the ability to set up ETH price alerts. You can now receive an e-mail notification when the average exchange price crosses a custom threshold.

Traders always want a better price. If you bought ETH at $150, you might want to sell once the price reaches $200. If your goal is to accumulate ether over the long run, then perhaps you’d like to be the first to hear about a discount.

The price of ETH on LocalEthereum depends on which payment method you choose and which country you reside. When you set up a price notification, you can select a payment method and location; for example, you can get an alert when the price to buy ETH with a bank transfer in Venezuela reaches $XXX.

How to set up a price alert

All you need to do is follow this link and fill out the form. Fabrx has made it very easy to set up a price alert.

  1. Timespan. Select whether you want to know when the 24-hour average price changes, the 48-hour average, or the 7-day average price. Most people want to know about the 24-hour average.
  2. Buy or Sell. The prices to buy ETH or sell ETH on LocalEthereum are separated by a margin (set by users on the marketplace). When you select “Buy”, the average price will only include trades where the taker was a buyer (i.e. a buyer was responding to a seller’s offer).
  3. Location. Choose “worldwide”, or only include prices in your area.
  4. Payment method. Select the payment method you want to track.
  5. Above or Below. If you choose “Above”, you’ll be notified when the average price moves above your threshold. If you choose “Below”, we’ll let you know when the price is lower. Naturally, if you’re buying ETH you will probably want to choose “Below”, and when you’re selling you want to choose “Above”.
  6. Currency. This is the local currency which you want to set up your alert in. (This doesn’t exclude trades occurring in other currencies; those are converted using standard FX rates.)
  7. Amount. Enter the price you would like to be alerted about.
  8. E-mail. You will be sent a price alert to your e-mail address.

About Fabrx

Fabrx is a cloud platform for blockchain and consists of a tribe of builders, entrepreneurs, and growth hackers. They envision the digital future to be open to all and view developers as a crucial player in driving mainstream adoption of Web3 applications. The Fabrx Developer Platform is comprised of many cloud-based functions including enriched API access layers, point-and-click solutions, cross-chain cloud functions, and automated triggers and analysis.

Read more about our partnership with Fabrx in their announcement.