Our Doors Are Open: Register Your Account Now

After a year of rigorous development, LocalEthereum is finally ready to open its doors to registrations. And we’re giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees to give the marketplace a kick-start.

Create your LocalEthereum trading account now.

Cryptocurrency is getting bigger every day, with Ethereum leading the way in development. It’s absolutely crucial that there be a frictionless way to get fiat money in and out of ether.

Enter LocalEthereum, a secure peer-to-peer marketplace where the user has complete control over their funds and trades. We’re helping to make ether more liquid by allowing traders to side-step the frustrations of centralised exchanges which are infamous for locking-up or losing customer funds.

All ether deposited into LocalEthereum is sent to your client-side-encrypted wallet. This wallet lives entirely in your browser and our staff can never touch the funds. When you trade with another user, messages are end-to-end encrypted using a secure algorithm, and escrow is performed with a smart contract between the two parties.

You can read more about this in part two of our blog or read our FAQ.

Trading is set to open on October 21st (midnight at UTC). Register now and create your listings so that you are ready for day one trading.

Our referral program is also live. Tell your friends about LocalEthereum to score yourself three months of free trading.