Announcing Our Russian Telegram Group

After the success of our English and Spanish Telegram groups, we are excited to say Привет to our neighbours in the north, Russia!

Starting today, we have a new Russian Telegram group for you to talk about Beef Stroganoff until your heart’s content.

🇷🇺 Join the new Russian Telegram group now.

Some interesting facts about Russia:

  • Russia is permanently on daylight savings time.
  • Russia is almost as big as Pluto.
  • Russians are not the biggest drinkers in Europe despite their vodka swilling image. They are behind Moldova, the Czech Republic and Hungary.
  • St. Petersburg has three times as many bridges as Venice.

With the opening of the Russian Telegram group, we hope to give our Russian users a place to discuss events in the crypto world, speculate on when this bear market is going to turn bull and, of course, trade Pelmeni recipes.

Our new Russian moderator Viktor will be here to keep things organised and help you out with questions, however any account specific queries should still be sent through using the support ticket system.

And on that note, добро пожаловать! (Welcome!)

– LocalEthereum