The next crypto on LocalCryptos will be...

When we created LocalCryptos, it was based on the idea of users being in control at all times—not us. Part of that freedom is being able to decide for yourself which cryptocurrency you want to use and trade.

Now that LocalCryptos has established itself as the world’s most popular non-custodial P2P crypto marketplace, we’re excited to bring it to yet another audience.

Today, we’re announcing the name of next crypto that will be joining LocalCryptos in 2020.

We just launched peer-to-peer Litecoin trading after a community vote. We let users decide which crypto LocalCryptos would implement: Litecoin came 1st, Dash was a close 2nd, and EOS placed 3rd.

Those who participated in the vote know it was an extremely tight race. Initially Dash was in first place, but then Litecoin suddenly took the lead, then Dash again, before LTC finally won.

Although Litecoin won the final vote, Dash received thousands of votes from all over the world.

The outpour of support for a non-custodial peer-to-peer Dash marketplace didn’t go unnoticed.

That’s why the next crypto joining LocalCryptos is… Dash!

LocalCryptos will offer Dash users a way to convert between fiat using any payment method in any country while never losing control of their keys.

We’ll announce a date closer to the launch, which will be later in the year.

Dash is a popular peer-to-peer digital currency for instant, private and secure border-less payments. It’s a self-governed network, meaning that Dash masternode operators collectively vote on proposals to grow the ecosystem every month.

Dash is well known for its real-world success stories in Venezuela, where thousands of merchants now accept it, including Burger King.

With Venezuela being LocalCryptos’ biggest country, it’s no surprise so many peer-to-peer traders have been asking for us to add Dash.

When will peer-to-peer Dash trading launch?

When LocalCryptos adds a new crypto to its inventory, we need to design and develop a new decentralized escrow script to fit the protocol, which takes time.

That’s because unlike a custodial peer-to-peer platform, escrows on LocalCryptos are secured by cryptography, not trust.

While we’re busy perfecting LocalCryptos’ Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin marketplaces, we don’t want to keep you waiting. Development will begin as soon as possible.

We’re working closely with the Dash ecosystem to make sure our non-custodial escrow solution is fast and secure.

As soon as we have an ETA, we’ll let you know.

LocalCryptos is a peer-to-peer crypto marketplace with more than 100,000 users worldwide with traders in 100+ countries (Venezuela being #1). It’s the most popular non-custodial fiat on/off-ramp.