New feature: Trading with 'Unlisted Offers'

You can now create an offer that is not listed in the public marketplace, and provide a direct link to another user.

We are happy to announce we have now created a “Unlisted offer” mode when creating a new offer. An unlisted offers offer will not be published to the public marketplace; instead, its link can be shared directly with your intended trading partner.

This new feature is for users who want to trade safely using the LocalCryptos escrow service, but skip the public marketplace.

There are a few intended use cases for this new feature:

  1. You’re interested in trading peer-to-peer using a non-custodial escrow service and you’ve already met your trade partner, for example from another website. In this case, listing your offer on the public marketplace gives you no benefit.
  2. You want to offer a discounted price to a return customer, however you don’t want to publish it in the public marketplace, which could result in others attempting to snap up a good deal — when it wasn’t intended for them.

In order to post an unlisted private offer:

  1. Create or edit an offer using the normal process.
  2. On the last page, select “Only users I privately share the link with”
  3. From your ‘My Offers’ page, you can simply copy the link of a private offer and share it over any medium.

We see this as a necessary feature for our larger traders who are looking to capitalize on market fluctuations and provide attractive deals to their existing clients.